"Laurence's Reiki and Reflexology treatments have been very helpful in my quest for well-being and immune system enhancement since being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her caring sessions have helped me release old energy patterns and welcome healthful healing ones -- I feel so comforted and peaceful after an appointment with her.
Reiki and Reflexology with Laurence are the perfect antidote to our stressful living routines and allow the body to heal on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Laurence's use of Reiki not only clears the body of any stagnant energy that hinders healing, it is also a helpful diagnostic tool for detecting imbalances in the body. Months before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, when I first experienced Reiki with Laurence, she told me my "chest and lungs were deflated." In retrospect—and to me—this indicates that Reiki can help detect disease or pre-disease conditions more readily than our current medical machines can. And I believe everyone's body deserves a regular Reiki "tune up" to eliminate the energy patterns that manifest as disease if not removed.
I know I will continue to receive regular Reiki sessions as I practice wellness.
Laurence is a gifted healer whom I strongly recommend -- she tunes in to me and knows exactly what I need. I feel refreshed and renewed after every session with her."
~ Patty Chrystycz"

"Under the kind and gentle guidance of Laurence, I have developed a consistent yoga practice that has changed my life. As my body has become more flexible, so too has my mind. As I've learned to let go of holding in my practice, I've watched myself letting go of ideas and things that no longer serve me. My life is a more simple place because of my yoga practice."
~ Jacquie Pierce"

"Laurence is one of the most experienced yoga teachers I have encountered. She tunes in to your body and the way it moves. Since I have been attending her classes, my flexibility has dramatically improved, and my inner calm and peace of mind have expanded, helping make my life richer and more relaxed."

~ Pat Fenton